Economic Area

Economic, financial and accounting advice, with wide and extensive experience in the next fields:

  1. Economic and financial studies.
  2. Analysing corporate profitability.
  3. Share valuation.
  4. Buying and selling businesses.
  5. Feasibility plan studies.
  6. Preparation of the documentation to file for a listing on stock markets.
  7. Advisory work during audits aimed at making their cost more profitable.
  8. Studying and drawing up consolidated financial statements.
  9. Preparing the mechanisation of book-keeping work.
  10. Analysing and implementing the chart of accounts.
  11. Regular reviews of accounting.
  12. Budget control.
  13. Studying how to optimise the administrative department.
  14. Administrative organisation.
  15. Accounting training for staff.
  16. Analysing and preparing information and reporting for management.
  17. Carrying documentation on the books.