Legal Area

Legal advice, as well as intervention and representation in court and administrative proceedings, when necessary, with wide and extensive experience in the next fields:

  1. Advice on strategy and picking the best legal form for entities so as to optimise the launching and development of businesses.
  2. Setting up of companies and businesses of all kinds.
  3. Advice on corporate transactions, mergers and acquisitions.
  4. Consultancy in preparing, commissioning and drafting notarial deeds or other public documentation.
  5. Advice on preparing and drafting private and/or commercial documents, such as letters, reports, opinions, as well as commercial and civil contracts.
  6. Advice on the liability of directors, partners and officers.
  7. Advice on dissolving and winding up companies.
  8. Bad debt recovery.
  1. Preparation and review of contracts, defence and claim for contractual and non- contractual liability.
  2. Zoning licences and contracts.
  3. Preparing and processing urban management instruments (rezoning, compensation, etc.).
  4. Advice on forcible expropriation procedures.
  5. Advice regarding proceedings to safeguard lawful status in urban development, closure orders and sanctions.
  6. Advice on sales of all kinds of real estate.
  7. Advice on formalising and managing leases.
  8. Legal representation in buying a property in Spain.
  1. Obligations and contracts.
  2. Contractual and non-contractual civil liability and damages in general.
  3. Mutually agreed or contested divorces: alimony, child support, use of the family home.
  4. Consequences with respect to offspring who are minors: joint or single parent custody and visiting arrangements.
  5. Prenuptial or marital agreements.
  6. Liquidation of joint legal ownership by married couples.
  7. Advice on drafting last will and testaments.
  8. Formalisation of inheritances and successions, and formal processing to full conclusion of procedure.
  9. Distribution of estates, even in cases of intestacy.
  10. Mediation and, if necessary, representation in or out of court in litigation regarding succession.
  1. Advice and representation in crisis situations, at the pre-bankruptcy or bankruptcy stage, for legal entities or private individuals, including the study and advice of their possible liability.
  2. Advice, preparation and negotiation of out-of-court settlements with creditors and debtors.
  3. Advice, preparation and negotiation of restructuring and debt refinancing agreements.
  4. Advice and representation at all phases of the bankruptcy proceedings –including the pre-bankruptcy stage-, filing for voluntary bankruptcy or involuntary bankruptcy, notifying sums owed, incidental claims, creditors agreement, winding up, exoneration of debts and liabilities, etc.; comprehensive follow-up of the proceedings until its termination.
  1. Advice on the issues prior to the creation of the franchise business.
  2. Formal procedures required to enter the franchisor on the Franchisors’ Register.
  3. Preparing and drafting the franchise agreement.
  4. Advising the franchisee/franchisor on the key aspects in protecting their business.
  5. Advising both the franchisor and franchisees on any aspect concerning the franchise.
  6. Protecting the interests of the franchisee and the franchisor in relation to potential disputes, both in and out of court.
    Tax aspects of the franchise business.